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Communication Suite

ThenWhatApp is the perfect all in one solution for every small business owner. We have strategically combined some of the most crucial and important marketing tools all into one application. Learn more about each key tool we have built into our platform.

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Powerful Text Message Marketing Features
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Start Generating More Leads!
Take Full Advantage Of Keywords To Start Building Your Leads.
Automated Replies
Automatically send automated replies when your leads message you!
Track and Organize your contacts using our built-in tagging feature!
Form Replies
Automatically send thank you texts when contacts fill out your forms!
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Stay Connected With Customers!
Follow Up Campaigns
Stay top of mind with fully automated follow up text campaigns.
Text Forwarding
Get text notifications anytime your contacts send a message to your virtual number.
Send Later/Recurring
Send broadcast messages in the future or set the to recurring!
Message Strings
Easily respond to your messages with our built in message string feature!
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More Awesome Features
SMS Send & Receive
Send standard SMS messages directly.
MMS Send & Receive
Send multimedia MMS messages directly.
Drip Scheduling
Schedule multiple touches automatically to your prospects.
Recurring Scheduling
Ensure that your customers always have you top of mind.
Send Later Scheduling
Create your message now, but send later and at the perfect time.
Unlimited Longcode Keywords
Allow your customers to text in for coupons & special offers.
Long Code (Local Numbers)
Keeps your message local with your customer. Also, allows the customer to call you on the number you messaged them from.
Text Campaigns
Build fully automated drip messaging campaigns.
Text Notifications
Get notified every time a customer replies to one of your text messages.
Automatic Replies
Set automated messages that are sent when your leads message in to your keywords.