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Communication Suite

ThenWhatApp is the perfect all in one solution for every small business owner. We have strategically combined some of the most crucial and important marketing tools all into one application. Learn more about each key tool we have built into our platform.

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Phone System
The Perfect Phone For Your Business
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Stay In Control!
In-Program Calling
Use our built in dialer to make and receive all your phone calls!
Automated Replies
Automatically send follow up text messages when leads call you!
Track and Organize your contacts using our built-in tagging feature!
Call Forwarding
Forward all calls made to your virtual numbers to any number you want!
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Powerful Yet Simple!
Number Lookups
Automatically create new contacts and perform a name lookup as soon as a lead calls in.
Voice Blasts
Send pre-recorded messages directly from the dialer and never leave a live message again.
Conference Calling
Merge your calls and start a conference between your customers or employees.
Auto Recording
Automatically record all your calls… Including inbound and outbound.
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More Awesome Features
Call Dialing
Make inbound & outbound phone calls directly from our application using our online dialer.
Phone System
Built in phone system allows you to make calls and answer calls all from inside of our program.
Text Program
Easily send and receive text messages and multimedia messages to and from all your leads.
Forward to multiple numbers
ThenWhatApp will simultaneously call up to three numbers. First one to pick up gets forwarded call.
Off-hours forwarding
Set a number to forward during non-working hours while your agents are not in the office.
Call Notifications
Enjoy the freedom of forwarding your calls to any number you choose.
We have built-in voicemail so all of your customers can leave you messages when you’re away.
Voicemail Transcription
How would you like to have all of your voicemails transcribed? Well it’s built-in to our application.
Number Lookup
Our system automatically populates caller information.
Call Queues
Round Robin your calls to every sales personnel.
Call Transferring
Easily transfer your valued customers to the right agent.
Hold Messaging
Play custom pre-recorded messages while you place your customers on hold.
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